Zach The Celtics Guy Ranks All 50 US States From S Tier To F Tier (Personal Perception, Vibe, Etc.)


In this special video that is separate and apart from my streams, Legal Lessons or Global Report videos, I am ranking all US states based on my own personal perception, the vibe I get and the vibe I get from there; based on climate, being rural, urban, etc. and so forth. Spoiler alert: I love tropical climate, mild climate, the Midwest and the vibe I get from the Midwest and I love the wooded areas, rural areas and so on. I tried making this as non-political as possible, but was kind of hard not gonna lie lol. But hope you enjoy, and no offense if your state was ranked by me on a low end. This does not pertain to people at all, especially not my fans and friends who watch this, but some of my fans and friends where they are from, I ranked pretty high, based solely on the vibe I get from those places in particular. Stay tunes for more, including more videos and streams coming your way soon.


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