[WUP/WPA webinar] The Role of Urban Parks on Climate Change


World Urban Parks/World Parks Academy webinar series. Aired: 16 July 2019.

Climate change is a global challenge and the effects on everyday life are increasingly felt throughout the world. Urban parks and natural areas play a significant role in cities’ resilience to extreme weather events, their capacity to mitigate greenhouse gases, and in people’s awareness of the causes and effects of climate change. This webinar/lecture takes the City of León Mexico and its largest urban park, Metropolitan Park of León, as a case study of how urban parks can be linked to the adaptation, mitigation and education on climate change in emerging cities.

German Enriquez, CEO Leon Metropolitan Park (Mexico)

Learning Objectives:
After attending this webinar, participants should be able to:
– Explain the different roles urban parks are taking to mitigate and adapt to the effects of climate change
– Define climate KPI as they relate to urban parks
– Identify best practices for climate change educational programs
– Describe a practical model used to calculate a park’s GHG emissions and mitigation amounts


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