WSCC 2021 Ⅰ Urban Water under Climate Change: Transition, Management and Governance


Water Security and Climate Change Conference 2021 Ⅰ 01 – 04. March, Hanoi, Vietnam

Session: Urban Water under Climate Change: Transition, Management and Governance
Session Chairs: Johannes Hamhaber, TH Köln; Marcos Algara, UASLP

Cities are now hosting the still growing majority of global population and thus have become the hubs of natural resources and water demand, both direct and indirect. At the same time, they face multiple socio-economic, political and planning challenges, especially in the so-called Global South, which are exacerbated by impending climate change impacts. The session introduces approaches to urban water management from a social and governance perspective, linking water management to poverty, inequality, and urban planning. Case study presentations will show cities and citizens as vulnerable to CC-related water issues and introduce governance practices to tackle such challenges in an integrated manner. Beyond that, the poster session offers perspectives on urban water bodies, their services provided and related management frameworks

Oral Presentations:
Gonçalves Nunes, Daniele; Saldanha Machado, Carlos José; Pistón, Nuria: Revealing structural racism in access to drinking-water and health of population: the case of Hepatitis A in the state of Rio de Janeiro between 2007 and 2018
H.M, Sharath: Addressing water sensitivity through wastewater reuse: Issues and challenges in Bangalore, India
Al-Houri, Zain; Al-Omari, Abbas: Green Infrastructure for Sustainable Urban Water Management in Amman, Jordan
Kumar, Sameer; Doshi, Siddh; Mishra, Gargi; Iyer, Mona: Water-sensitivity of statutory development plans of Bhopal and Melbourne: A critical review
Poster Presentation
García García, Ana Mónica de Jhesú; Vázquez Solís, Valente: Indicators for tourism scenarios of climatic vulnerability in hydrological attractions in San Luis Potosí, Mexico


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