World Bank Group Youth Summit 2023 | The Intersection of Fragility and Climate Change


The World Bank Group Youth Summit 2023, “From the Ground Up: Local Solutions to Drive Global Impact,” will explore the power of youth-led local solutions and their potential to drive global change. This plenary session presents the intersectional challenges of climate change and areas affected by fragility, conflict, and violence (FCV). Climate change can exacerbate FCV situations by leading to droughts, floods, and food insecurity. Environmental shocks such as hurricanes, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions have devastating effects on local communities already affected by instability and violence. The World Bank Group predicts that climate change could force 216 million people across six world regions to move within their countries by 2050. Additionally, access to food is becoming increasingly unreliable because of both FCV supply shocks and extreme weather events driven by climate change. To deliver durable development outcomes that ensure peace, stability and security, it is vital to act decisively to address both FCV and climate change. Local solutions may provide the most effective and long-lasting strategies. Learn more about the World Bank Group Youth Summit 2023:

• Louise Cord, Global Director for Social Sustainability and Inclusion, World Bank
• Srujani Shrawne, Moderator, Pitch Competition Co-Lead for the 2023 WBG Youth Summit
• Amina Bintaleb, YOUNGA Youth Delegate 2021 for the UN General Assembly
• Binta Bajaha, Special Assistant to Emergency Director at World Food Program
• Jevanic Henry, Alliance of Small Island States (AOSIS) Fellow
• Opira Bosco Okot, Founder of the Leads and Climate Change Activist

ABOUT THE WORLD BANK GROUP The World Bank Group is one of the world’s largest sources of funding and knowledge for low-income countries. Its five institutions share a commitment to reducing poverty, increasing shared prosperity, and promoting sustainable development.


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