Wood at Work Conference 2023 | Copenhagen | Roundtable On Cities


Wood at Work 2023 hosted an in-person practitioner roundtable event between July 3rd – 5th at the International Union of Architects in Copenhagen (#UIA 2023). This series of intimate, timely and vital conversations explored the latest practices and science on sustainable wood sourcing: conservation timber, approaches to net carbon accounting, mass timber considerations, timber sourcing standardization, and more. Conversations were hosted in our Partner Forest zone inside the #FSC Lounge.
On July 3rd, the conference hosted a conversation titled Cities – Exploring how urban centers can empower sustainable wood.

A group of expert practitioners joined the panel to discuss how urban centers have the potential to drive global demand for sustainable wood and forest management.

The goal of this session was to identify areas of opportunity to drive demand for #sustainable #wood in #cities worldwide. Wood markets, both local and global, can play a strategic role in forest conservation with potentially massive climate and biodiversity benefits. But wood can also be part of the climate problem if it is produced or used wastefully, if it causes forest degradation or, as in some cases, permanent deforestation of priceless carbon-rich forests. Given this complexity, sourcing and specifying “sustainable wood” is the key to capitalizing on the climate and environmental benefits of wood.

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