With 10 acres of organic farm and traditional wisdom, This “family farmer” can help you eat right


Away from the hustles and bustles of the city, Sneh Yadav and Retd Col. Tara Singh are on a mission, to change the way we look at food.
Growing up in a traditional farmer family, agriculture was always a part of Sneh’s life and when the time came to choose a new adventure, they didn’t have to think twice before going back to the land. and that was the beginning of Tijara Organic Farms.
Tijara Organic farm is not an organic farm by name, they don’t have a vast landmass that can cultivate n number of crops all season long. They are very particular about what to grow in their land and also what not to grow in their land. They are also happy to share their space with the living organisms that visit the farm, for them, it was all about creating a sustainable ecosystem.
even with customers, Sneh maintains a very close and personal relationship. As she is determined to change the mindset of the people as to what to eat and when to eat. This is where the concept of family farming comes into the picture. Watch the video, to learn more about the farm and the concept behind Sneh and Tijara Organic farms.


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