Winter urban cycling showdown compares cities in Canada and Finland. Who will win Plus 1 Minus 2?


It’s Plus 1 Minus 2 time again! This time, we’re looking for the most bike-friendly winter city.

This collab video with @PekkaTahkola compares the Canadian city of Calgary and the Finnish city of Oulu to determine which is the most bike-friendly. It’s based on the trusty (and totally made up) Plus 1 Minus 2 scale — score one point for anything that makes it easier to ride a bike, and lose two points for anything that makes it difficult or unsafe. The goal here is to showcase elements that can make cities everywhere a bit more bike-friendly.

After you watch this, make sure to go see Pekka’s video so you can see his comments and his scoring. Prior to publishing, I haven’t seen his video and he hasn’t seen mine, but I guarantee you’ll learn something — he’s one of the world’s foremost experts on urban winter cycling:

If you want to see more Plus 1 Minus 2 videos, check out this playlist:

The original Plus 1 Minus 2 collab with @NotJustBikes:

0:00 Intro
1:14 Riding in Calgary, Canada
14:35 Calgary’s score
14:47 Riding in Oulu, Finland
28:15 Oulu’s score, and conclusions

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I don’t really do proper product reviews, but here are some products that I’ve tried on this channel that I like. (Of course you don’t need anything fancy to ride a bike, other than a bike, but these are Amazon affiliate links, and I get paid a small commission if you buy them 😉)

• Here’s the winter bike I’m riding these days:
• Cliq Smart Bike Light (nice rear brake light):
• RedShift Acrlight Smart LED Pedals (clever lights for your pedals):
• Aftershokz Titanium bone-conducting headphones (if you want to listen while you ride):
• JBL CLip 4 Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker (for your party-pace group rides):
• Crane Bicycle Bell (the ding is sublime):
• Ibex Merino Wool clothing (good for summer and winter):
• Bicycle Cargo Net (why did it take so long for me to buy one of these?):
• Vaude Cover II Rain Poncho (for higher-end, try Cleverhood or People’s Poncho):
• Kryptonite U-Lock (your bike is going to get stolen eventually, sigh, but at least make it hard):
• Peak Design phone case (the one I use, paired with the Peak Design phone mount):

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