Wilding Networks for the North Conference (Part 1)


The latest on wilding initiatives in the North, including West Chevington, one of the biggest land restorations in the UK in recent years, and be part of creating a sustainable framework for restoring biodiversity and using natural processes to reduce climate change impacts.

Part 2 – https://youtu.be/5IuCyuLKBOI

00:00 Adrian Pitches, BBC Environment Correspondent – Introductions
09:09 Mike Pratt, CEO Northumberland Wildlife Trust – Welcome and thank you
20:54 Anne Reece, Reece Foundation – Introduction from the conference sponsors
32:55 Duncan Hutt, Northumberland Wildlife Trust Director of Conservation – Wilding West Chevington and other Northumberland Wildlife Trust wilding projects including Whitelee and Benshaw Moor
1:17:17 Steven Lipscombe, NNPA – An overview of the Hadrian’s Wall Nature First project
1:31:34 Elaine More, National Trust – An overview of the Wilder Wallington project


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