Why We Should Be Urban Farming


We are running out of space for farmland and a third of all food that is produced is wasted. Ken Dunn has been called the greenest man in Chicago and he’s on a crusade to turn our food waste into productive farmland–right in the middle of the city!

Special Thanks to:

Ken Dunn, David Durstewitz, Lindsay Roadruck, and Jide Oke

The Resource Center Chicago

Danielle Nierenberg

The Plant: Growing Off Grid (old Good Stuff video about another cool farming operation in Chicago)

Future Of Food Videos:
Can We Make Meat Out Of Plants? – http://bit.ly/1hwhYHo
Why You Should Eat Bugs – http://bit.ly/1Jg4IBf
Are Vertical Farms The Future Of Agriculture? – http://bit.ly/1hExTE6
Why We Should Be Urban Farming – http://bit.ly/1VuLlsl

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Driftless Pony Club

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