Why We Need a War on Christmas


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In this Our Changing Climate climate change video essay, I look at why we need a war on capitalist Christmas. Specifically, I look at the history of how capitalism stole Christmas, and how we might be able to steal it back. Christmas wasn’t always a holiday of private gift-giving, it used to be based in public revelry and the reversal of power. Capitalism has since transformed the holiday into one based on the accumulation of material goods. This needs to change.

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0:00 – Intro
1:45 – A Modern Christmas
4:27 – How the Rich Stole Christmas
10:16 – How Capitalism Stole Christmas
13:15 – The Toll of a Capitalist Christmas
19:08 – Get access to my bonus content

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Further Reading and Resources: https://fascinated-soccer-ac0.notion.site/War-on-Christmas-Resources-3fb6e86f29844902a925160c5bc00cdf

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