Why is this Subdivision RURAL instead of URBAN? | Clearwater County 72


Why is this Subdivision RURAL instead of URBAN? | Clearwater County 72

Hello everyone and welcome back to Clearwater County! Johnson Aggregates large development project in Verde Beach recently ended opening up a ton of capacity for the company. Governor Johnson wants to use this new capacity to bring development housing within Clearwater County, since there is a significant housing shortage. In this episode, the company will develop a 101 acre parcel into a rural subdivision… but this wasn’t always the plan.

In this episode, we’ll discuss why it has been developed this way, and built out all 101 acres in this episode. Lots of building in this one, even if it’s a bit quicker than usual – enjoy!

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*** Chapters ***
Introduction – 0:00
Mod Issues- 1:37
A Clean Canvas to Work With – 3:40
Laying Things Out – 7:14
Parks – 13:15
I’m a Simple Man, You Know Me – 14:45
Building Buildings – 17:45
More Landscaping & Fencing – 21:35
City Tour – 28:26
Lighting and Other Odds and Ends – 29:26


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