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Why is the Department of Ag not certifying Aquaponically/Other alternative grown produce & methods?


Is it true that the department of Agriculture does not certify aquaponically grown or other alternative grown produce and methods as organic ?

On my podcast, I conducted an interview with Charles, an Aquaponics Farmer and Owner of a non-profit community resource that believes “Everyone deserves a healthy meal”. Here he asks why the Department Of Agriculture does not certify aquaponically grown or other alternative grown produce and methods as organic ?

Charles is the owner of Abundant Harvest – a community resource for locally-sourced organic produce and sustainable food production systems located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. They provide the community with completely natural produce and fish, available for purchase and donation.

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They began as a community garden and flourished into an aquaponics farm and education center. Producing thousands of pounds of organic, nutritious, high-quality vegetables and produce to needy families and feeder organizations (50% donation) and (the other 50%) sell to restaurants, retail and other organizations in the community.

Full 49m05s Interview available here – https://youtu.be/yqXcgwHfVpg

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