Why ESPN Films Decided to Cover This Mental Health Retreat – TDR Exclusive


In our latest TDR Psychedelic Exclusive, former NHLer and advisor of Wake Network, Riley Cote, and Nick Murray, Wake Network’s CEO, join us to talk about their ESPN Documentary that was released last month called “Peace of Mind,” and features retired NHL and NFL players, along with professional boxers. All of whom have experienced TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) during their playing careers.

Cote outlines how the documentary has drawn awareness to many alumni athletes, from professional sports leagues that include the NHL, NFL, NBA, and UFC. Since the release of the documentary, the demand for people wanting to attend their retreat in Jamaica has exploded.

Wake Network is a private psychedelic company that focuses primarily on retreats, along with company partnerships that have an existing clinical footprint in the USA.

Time Stamps:

0:00 – 2:30 ESPN Documentary Provides Hope
2:31 – 3:21 Feedback From Professional Athletes Positive
3:22 – 4:22 How Business Has Benefitted
4:23 – 5:27 Why ESPN Wanted To Film Documentary
5:28 – 6:38 Jamaica Go To Destination For Retreats
6:39 – 8:41 NHL Been Supportive For TBI?
8:42 – 10:05 Ignorance Towards Psychedelics
10:06 – 12:32 Scaling Up The Business Model
12:33 – 13:54 Catalyst Moment For The Industry
13:55 – 15:20 Medicare Will Cover Psychedelics in 2024
15:21 – 17:07 No Happy Ending For SSRI’s
17:08 – 18:57 Clinical Partnership With Revitalist
18:58 – 20:48 50,000 – 100,000 Therapists Needed
20:49 – 24:57 Update on Phase 2 Trial And Going Public

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Written by: Shadd Dales

Special thanks to CEO of Wake Network Nick Murray, and advisor and former NHL Player Riley Cote

For copyright matters please get in touch with us at: sdales@thedalesreport.com

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