What Did Viking Town Houses Look Like? And Where Did They Poop?


Old Norse people, be they farmers, fishermen, or viking raiders, lived in a wide variety of houses, made from all sorts of materials. They lived in longhouses, turfhouses, pithouses, and even in what we today would recognise as townhouses! They did have towns and cities, after all, even if most of them were living in isolated farmsteads. The viking city was a very interesting beast, and thanks to some huge archaeological digs in the 1970s and 1980s, we know what the viking cities of Dublin and York looked like!

We have literally hundreds of viking houses that were revealed in these huge digs, along with thousands of artefacts left by their occupants. And poo. There’s poo.

LOTS of reading, graphs, data and so on from the Coppergate excavation:


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