Webinar: What Does a Changing Climate Mean for Georgia's Infrastructure?


Georgia’s changing climate presents new risks to the state’s essential water, energy, transportation, and medical infrastructure. Please join us to learn about these challenges and the steps that can be taken to build a just and climate-resilient future for all Georgians.

In “What Does a Changing Climate Mean for Georgia’s Infrastructure?” hear from our panel of experts to learn more about the impacts and solutions of climate change on Georgia’s agricultural systems.


0:00:00 Rachel Usher, Georgia Climate Project: Welcome and Overview of the GCP
0:03:47 Moderator Molly Samuel, WABE: Introduction to the webinar
0:04:06 Dr. Evan Mallen, Georgia Tech: Compound Climate & Infrastructure Events
0:16:16 Marsha Gosier, Partnership for Southern Equity
0:28:23 Dr. Rhett Jackson, University of Georgia: Mitigating Sea-Level Rise Issues w/ Natural Infrastructure
0:36:19 Arie Manangan, CDC: The Risk of Flooding to Medical Infrastructure
0:47:25 Aileen Daney, Atlanta-Region Transit Link Authority: What does a changing climate mean for GA’s infrastructure
1:00:16 Allie Kelly, The Ray
1:16:48 Moderator Molly Samuel, WABE: Q&A Session
1:29:32 Rachel Usher, Georgia Climate Project: Conclusions


This webinar is part of a monthly series from the Georgia Climate Project featuring experts from around the state discussing climate change impacts and solutions in Georgia. #GCPWebinar #climatechange #Infrastructure #Georgia


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