Webinar Panel Series on Tackling Climate Risks


“How can we map, predict and tackle climate related risks that are on the rise in recent years?”

We tried answering this question by calling together a panel of experts from Insurance Tech, Climate Tech & Earth Observation that brought their different perspectives on the subject. From addressing lack of awareness to tackling tech hurdles, see what the experts have highlighted.

This new series is brought to you in collaboration with Ellipsis Drive and Orbify.

Panelists –
Nicole Engels, 80.20 https://www.linkedin.com/company/80-2
Mario Spadina, SeaCras https://seacras.com/en/
Jakub Dziwisz, Orbify https://orbify.com/
Delin Shen
The webinar was moderated by our CEO & Co-Founder, Rosalie van der Maas

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