Webinar: How to talk to your MSP about the Agriculture Bill, 11 September 2023


Now is the time to make farming work for nature, climate and people. This autumn, the Scottish government is due to introduce a new Agriculture Bill, giving us a once in a lifetime opportunity to create a better system.

MSPs will be scrutinising the bill as it passes through parliament, and will have the opportunity to propose and vote on amendments. It’s vital that MSPs hear their constituents calling for a bill that helps farmers and crofters produce food in ways that restore nature, tackle climate change and revitalise our rural areas.

The dominant farming methods of today make farming Scotland’s second biggest source of climate emissions, and a major cause of nature loss. The way the Scottish government funds farming isn’t helping.

The Farm for Scotland’s Future campaign is calling for a new funding system that helps all farmers and crofters make the transition to sustainable farming.

Watch the recording of our webinar to hear how you can make a difference by talking to your MSP.

Chair: Deborah Long, chief officer at Scottish Environment LINK.


David McKay, head of policy at Soil Association Scotland, discusses why farming has such a key role to play in reducing climate emissions and restoring nature, and why we need to transform our outdated farm funding system.

Nora Casey, parliamentary officer at RSPB Scotland, outlines how a bill passes through parliament, and how lobbying our MSPs can help influence new legislation.

Paul Wheelhouse, former MSP and Scottish government minister, shares his insider knowledge on why it’s so important for MSPs to hear their constituents’ views on new draft legislation that’s being scrutinised by parliament. Paul gives us some tips on how constituents can most effectively lobby their MSPs on an issue.


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