Webinar “Coffee & Learn Session – Research to Action: Advancing Climate Resilient Urban Sanitation”


The SuSanA Secretariat and University of Technology, Sydney (UTS) were invited by the GIZ Community of Practice “Water and Climate” to a webinar, which took place on the 25th July 2023.

This transformative Coffee & Learn session bridges the gap between research and project implementation. As climate change poses an increasing threat to urban sanitation services, it is crucial to stay ahead of the curve with the latest sector developments and scientific findings.

In a concise 45-minute format, SuSanA was introduced as one of the largest and most established sanitation network. Prof. Juliet Willetts and Avni Kumar (UTS) presented the results of their comprehensive landscape study on climate resilient urban sanitation (with contributions from over 60 organisations). It was elaborated, how recent advances and adaptations in policy, planning and service delivery can effectively manage climate-related risks in urban contexts, and begin to reflect on how to translate the identified strategies into practical action.

This library entry is the collection point of the recording and PowerPoint of the session.

We once again thank all the speakers and everyone who attended!


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