‘We have developed a vertical farming solution which will be a complete game-changer’


British ag tech pioneer Innovation Agri-Tech Group (IGA) has unveiled its new GrowFrame 360 vertical farming solution. The culmination of research and development efforts that have been underway since 2017, IGA chief executive Jaz Singh said he believes the innovation will help vertical farming proponents reach the ‘next level’ of production to revolutionise the way food is produced in the UK and globally.

“Since the beginning of this journey, I knew the IAG technology was outstanding,”​ Singh explained. “We have ambitious sales targets and can’t wait to see the reception the GrowFrame will have in the UK and wider global community.”

Since IAG’s conception, a dedicated team has been working to create the most optimised vertical farming system possible. IAG’s patented system, the GrowFrame, has been refined to result in a ‘highly precise growing process’ using technology developed with carefully selected British partners. Drawing on each trial completed, every project documented and the support of its professional partners, the new GrowFrame has been proven to produce a healthier root system, superior crop growth and yield, the company claimed.

“We have been developing our patented flagship GrowFrame and have complete faith that we have developed a vertical farming solution which will be a complete game-changer. A genuine testament to the hard work, vision, skill and understanding from our own exceptional team. With our recent successful investment, our unswerving commitment to R&D, we are proud to showcase to the world what we have been working on behind closed doors,”​ the group’s chief executive elaborated.

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