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“Get ready to join the conversation on Equitable Decarbonization with The Climapreneur™️ Show and the Institute for Sustainable Communities! This series is dedicated to exploring the intersection of climate action, energy, and environmental justice. With a focus on just transition and change-makers, this series will take you on a journey towards a greener future that is equitable for all. Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to learn and engage in meaningful discussions on equitable decarbonization with The Climapreneur™️ Show and the Institute for Sustainable Communities”

Megha Nath- Institute for Sustainable Communities (https://sustain.org)

In this episode, Shweta Dalmia is in conversation with – Chandrasekaran Jayaraman- Founder Director Watsan Envirotech Private Limited

WATSAN’s sole purpose is to provide water and sanitary solutions to the rural population by manufacturing and distributing low-cost, yet effective electricity-free water filters to urban slums and rural families who cannot afford other expensive options. From soldiers to flood prone Kerela, WATSAN has been making safe drinking water accessible to everyone.

Watsan Envirotech Private Limited is the only company which makes customized region specific water purifiers to alleviate arsenic, fluoride, pesticides etc.

00:00 Coming up
02:45 Importance of water in life and about Drop Dead foundation
03:30 Secrets of water business
03:38 Struggle for pure drinking water in rural India
04:15 Creating an affordable and sustainable water purifying system
05:21 Clearing myths about water purification systems
05:47 Helping 2 million people drink clean water
06:25 Water pain among people in Indian Villages
07:00 Many Indians are still drinking Arsenic contaminated water and are developing cancer.
07:33 Adopting an action based approach to solve a problem helping millions
08:33 How people saved his water purifiers during flood
09:00 Contaminated water deforming human body in many parts of India
11:51 Helping people to drink clean water during Kerala flood
13:57 Creating solutions to help every common man
15:00 How fluoride and arsenic contaminating water
16:26 Removing selective minerals from water
19:00 Supreme Court has banned RO in India
20:00 Developing the technology after getting the silence
21:15 What I learnt while photo documenting old Indian temples
22:25 Why implementation of Swach Bharat is still a problem
24:30 What do you need to become a successful social entrepreneur
26:00 How I made my water purifier completely sustainable
27:25 Building a sustainable, pure drinking water system for the Indian Army
30:20 What is required at the policy level to reduce this water stress?
32:22 How people can use Watsan filter more efficiently
33:48 Are future war gonna be for access to fresh water?
33:59 City planning policy needs to be changed
35:40 Creating an artificial pond with rain water to support village wells
38:08 Creating well with ancient Jhungroo method
38:16 Was ancient Indian architects more advanced than current generation

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