Washington's salmon population struggling against climate change


Washington’s salmon population continues to struggle against climate change along with other challenges, according to a new report from the governor’s Salmon Recovery Office.

“Salmon are still struggling across the state,” policy specialist Eli Asher said. “We have some bright spots, but we also have populations that are really on the cusp of extinction and I think that should be a wakeup call for us that we really need to redouble efforts.”

There are 14 population groups of salmon and steelhead listed at risk of extinction under the Endangered Species Act, and 10 of those groups are “in crisis or falling further from recovery goals,” per the State of Salmon in Watersheds report released Feb. 21.

Read the full story here: https://www.king5.com/article/tech/science/environment/washingtons-salmon-population-struggling/281-3778ab52-95c2-4c63-b544-0d65a7f4ac55


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