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Fengru Lin founded her dream business developing cell-based milk to protect the environment. How’d she do it? With the support of GEN, a network for entrepreneurs solving the world’s hardest problems. And it’s open to anybody, anywhere.

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“Go break something — it’s OK.” That’s the driving ethos behind the Global Entrepreneurship Network (GEN, @Unleashingideas) a nonprofit organization, founded in partnership with the @KauffmanFoundation, that aims to make it easier for anyone, anywhere to start and scale a business.

Operating programs in 200 nations, GEN supports entrepreneurs like Fengru Lin. As the founder and CEO of TurtleTree Labs, Lin and her colleagues are working on innovative ways to feed a rapidly growing world population. The company’s main focus is developing cell-based milk, which it hopes to fully commercialize over the next several years.

In Africa, GEN’s 22 on Sloane — the largest startup campus on the continent — is working with about 100 startups. Over the past five years, those companies have generated more than $40 million in revenue while creating over 500 high-skilled jobs across Africa. Check out this Freethink video to see how GEN is supporting the next generation of the world’s most innovative entrepreneurs.

Join GEN: https://genglobal.org/join

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We created this video in partnership with the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation.

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