Vlad Vexler – Tyranny in Search of an Idea – How Russia's Increasingly Autocratic Regime Lacks Ideas


GUEST: Vlad Vexler, Social Philosopher, and popular YouTuber.
In Episode 101, we discuss our worst fears for 2023, the roots of the war and Russian imperialism, as well as: Dugin – ‘Putin’s Brain’, or Putin’s colon.

It’s my pleasure today to welcome back onto the channel Vlad Vexler, Social Philosopher, and popular YouTuber. Our previous two video conversations proved to be extremely popular, and so we are risking our luck with a third. Please do check out Vlad’s channel on YouTube, as it has a collection of the most thought-provoking and insightful videos on the Russian mindset and the roots of this war.

Today, among other things, we’ll be discussing:

– Causes of the war a year on
– Unconscious Russian imperialism
– Crimea
– Empathy
– Hard line opposition to Putin
– The Liberal opposition

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#hybridwarfare #foreignpolicy #communism #sovietunion #postsoviet

John Sipher
David Satter
Mark Galeotti
Vlad Vexler

00:44 Today’s discussion: looking into causes of the war
08:55 Grasping at straws – who propagandists blame for the war
13:36 Does Putin loathe his own people, but love mythology?
19:00 Putin understands his people – weaknesses and responses
28:40 What is a democracy? Contained chaos – rules based disorder
38:37 Transitions to democracy not accidental – they’re planned
48:28 The broad absense of an idea at heart of Putin’s regime
55:21 Dugin: Putin’s colon – indigestible scraps of pseudo philosophy
1:02:16 The minority that critique Putin for being too ‘soft’
1:06:04 A Russian leader that expands empire will have few critics
1:08:32 Would the loss of Crimea represent game over for Putin?

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