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Visiting An Organic Farmer In Ghana


web: www.migratingculturecrossing.com
I had a chance to go visit my good friend Fofo who owns a company called AgroLife. The company specializes in selling organic seedlings. Fofo is a very knowledgeable brother who uses his knowledge of technology to apply to the agricultural industry.

He really knows his stuff and you can tell from the video. We are hopeful that Fofo will be a key person to help manage the organic farm at Migrating Culture Crossing. Feel free to contact his company at 0272439910 or 0241284665 and let him know Eric sent you.

To learn more about Fofo and his company AgroLife, be sure to view my latest video at https://youtu.be/sMecxn4z4Sc. Also, visit the Migrating Culture Crossing website at www.migratingculturecrossing.com if you’re looking to purchase a home in a self-sufficient community in Ghana.

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