#verticalfarming Benefits (Podcast Episode with Irving Fain)


Vertical gardening can offer year-round cultivation, ensure consistent harvests, all while maximizing available space, conserving water, enhancing air quality, reducing noise pollution, providing insulation, and brings nature closer to urban dwellers, which can promote well-being and mental health.

Some Vertical Gardening Benefits:
1. Year-Round Crop Production – Consistent year-round crop production can be achieved, without the impact of adverse weather due to the ability to grow in climate-controlled environments.
2. Pesticide Free Food- Vertical farms can be set up indoors in a controlled environment,  allowing farmers to grow crops without the dangers of bugs and other harmful critters.
3. Better Use of Space – Vertical farms can be designed and built in any climate or location, allowing higher productivity in a relatively small space. Depending on the crop, one acre of a vertical farm could grow the equivalent of 10 to 20 soil-based acres.
4. Less Resource Waste – Vertical farms, especially those that use hydroponics, use far less water than traditional farms because the water is recycled.
5. Reduced Transportation Costs- Growing crops in urban settings and/or closer to consumers can reduce transportation costs, CO2 emissions, and reduce the need for refrigerated storage.

🗣Speaker: Irving Fain, Co-Founder and CEO of @BoweryFarming. Full podcast episode details below.

🎙️”Food Talk with Dani Nierenberg”: Episode 191. Tom Colicchio on the Fight to Save Independent Restaurants, Irving Fain on Vertical Farming to Create a Sustainable and Safe Food

Sources: @USDA

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