Vertical TURMERIC FARMING | Get 10 Acres yield in 1 Acre Land | Soil based Vertical Farming


AS AGRI AND AQUA LLP (A S Group) is a group of talented youth and experienced people from different verticals, who came together to see through their common goal of Agriculture and Aquaculture, forming a promising company which is leading in Hi-Tech Agriculture and Aquaculture.

The company was founded a couple of years back registered in march 2018, A S AGRI AND AQUA LLP is a company specializing in bringing the best in agriculture and Aquaculture. Based in Thane, Maharashtra, India. AS Group having branch offices in Thane, Belgaum, Nashik, Pune, Kolhapur, Dubai, UK.

AS Group deals in revolutionary technology in Vertical farming, Aquaculture, Bio-CNG, Health Care & food supplements, contract farming, turmeric trading and many more.

AS Group is the most reliable and trusted company in this line of work. The company involved in the production and trading and export of various types of products. Here’s how the company is going to change the way traditional Agri / Aquafarming done in the country.

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Vertical TURMERIC FARMING | Get 10 Acres yield in 1 Acre Land | Soil-based Vertical Farming

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