VERTICAL FUTURE – Preview of New R&D Site and Vertical Farming Technologies in London


Vertical Future is a London-based technology company specialised in controlled-environment-agriculture (CEA), more commonly referred to as vertical farming. Founded in 2016, we own and operate vertical farming sites (, develop and build innovative vertical farming systems for sale and licensing, and carry out a broad range of research and development activities.

In this video, our Founder and CEO Jamie Burrows talks you through the basics of vertical farming and introduces you to our new proprietary vertical farming system, located at our ‘Deptford B’ site in Deptford, London.

The system offers end-to-end automation – from seeding through to tray movement, and harvest, eliminating unnecessary operational bottlenecks associated with more common vertical farming systems. The systems – which move on three axes – are a world first, offering both aeroponic and hydroponic nutrient delivery, granular control over lighting wavelength, light intensity, and airflow. The entire system is controlled by our proprietary Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform, named Diana, which monitors, controls, and optimises growing activities across the farm, also tracking products and crop movement through RFID tracking.

Vertical Future has an extensive pipeline of build projects across four continents and a growing R&D pipeline. Our experienced team is ready to support your project aspirations, however complex – and whatever the location.

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