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Episode Summary
In this episode, Marcos Enriquez, Founder of ISIFarmer, discusses his passion for vertical farming and his company’s innovative approach to urban farming. He focuses on the challenges and opportunities of their urban farmer co-working platform, SI Farmer, which aims to provide fresh, healthy, and locally grown produce to urban consumers. Marcos explains how ISIFarmer is leading the charge in the vertical farming movement by using a box theory to create a controlled environment for each farmer, partnering with suppliers, and training farmers for consistent quality. He also shares his vision for expanding the business and scaling it in different cities and places where there is a demand for locally grown products.
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Key Takeaways Discover how vertical farming can provide fresh and healthy produce to urban consumers Learn how ISIFarmer is leading the charge in vertical farming with its SI Farmer platform Find out how ISIFarmer is using a box theory to create a completely controlled environment for each urban farmer Understand the challenges and opportunities associated with vertical farming through Marcos Enriquez’s insights Explore the potential for growth and expansion in the vertical farming industry Hear about ISIFarmer’s consulting work with the city of Malaga and its plans for international investment and expansion
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“The latest probably was a blockchain company that I built to do the traceability of vegetables from seed to plate. And that didn’t really have too much involved with sharing. But I did manage to see that there was a big, big problem with all the agri food supply chain from start to finish. And that made me look into it a lot further.”

“We started with a minimal viable product that we’ve produced ourselves in different places. And now we’re working on the construction of the final or the first co-working vertical farming co-working in Madrid. It’s about 400. It will have the capability of doing all four areas that we think are essential.”

“Well, obviously the biggest challenge is what you said basically is training the Duran farmers and making sure that the produce is high quality and comes out with the help of all these urban farmers, local uber farmers. So that’s going to be the big challenge.”
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