Vertical Column Vanilla Cultivation | Vanilla Farming Business Plan


Vertical Column Vanilla Cultivation:
More intensive cultivation under shade structures can increase yields. This system requires more initial investment for infrastructure but allows for increased planting density and yield potential. Trellis support systems vary greatly but are generally made of vertical wood or concrete supports with a wire running between them. Supports vary in height but are usually no more than 2m or (6ft) tall to facilitate pollination once vines mature. The post and wire system allows for greater control over vine spacing compared to tutor trees. Vines will need to be maintained on 15 to 20cm or (6 to 8 in) of a mulch substrate.

0:00 Introduction
0:13 Is Vanilla Farming Profitable?
0:33 Vertical Column Vanilla Cultivation
1:14 Propagation
2:08 Tissue-culture
2:38 Production Methods
3:15 Spacing and Planting
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