Vancouver’s Learnings from Denmark: Strategies on Climate Change and Green Buildings


In August 2022, the Vancouver Economic Commission (VEC) brought together a group of 17 local leaders, policymakers, and businesses to visit Copenhagen, Denmark. The purpose of the delegation was to learn about Denmark’s approach to decarbonization, energy efficiency, and climate adaptation.

During their visit, the delegates from Vancouver gained insight into Denmark’s strengths in these areas, specifically their ambition and collaboration between the public and private sectors. They also identified challenges, particularly in terms of resilience for cooling.

The objectives of the delegation were to:
– Increase Canadian understanding of Danish policy and private sector best practices
– Establish new connections and business opportunities between Denmark and Canada

VEC and delegates will carry forward these learnings into a variety of activities going forward, particularly in support of the BC Heat Pump Technology Attraction Strategy and VEC’s Zero Emissions Economic Transition Action Plan.

Check out our website for a collection of resources, learnings, and next steps:


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BC Heat Pump Strategy:
Vancouver’s Zero Emission Economic Transition Action Plan:


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