US Marshalls RAID Amish Farm, Our FOOD Is Under ATTACK | SHTF PREPPING


US Marshalls RAID Amish Farm, Our FOOD Is Under ATTACK | SHTF PREPPING
Prep NOW, Your Food is Under Attach!

U S Marshalls raid AMISH over FOOD! Small homesteads next? Or is it anyone who grows their own garden, shoots their own deer or, raises their own beef will all of us be under attack for being self-sufficient growing our own food making our own food? This is a true SHTF situation when a farmer can’t grow something organic and have a small private affiliation where they trade etc. and pass out food and trade food in an organic fashion. People that are prepping should prep more because it is an SHTF error, this Amish farm has a court order to be raided and for US marshals to use extra force if needed to go onto the premises whenever they feel or See fit. If you’re not a prepper you should prep now because SHTF is here, the time to prep is now, be sure to stock up on food be sure to stockpile up emergency preparation ‘s, whether you’re off grid or in the city and growing your own food one day you may not be able to grow your own food as they are trying to gain control over all food so that you must comply. Prep now, prepping in 2022 is for the emergency preparedness person, self-sufficient type of people need to get ready now, stock up for food shortages and empty shelves it’s time to live like you’re off grid.

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US marshals are ordered to read Amish farm if necessary is our food under attack it possibly could be they’ve started with large farmers and large processing plants, and now we’re moving to organic farms and smaller farmers it very well could be that the modern-day homesteader the modern-day farmer the modern-day prepper could be under attack with their own food growing and food preparation.

Prepping for SHTF is when you buy things that you’re going to need and be ready for when it gets really bad and this is an SHTF 2022 for sure, whether you were a proper or not a proper whether you’re prepping or not prepping you definitely should be or at least consider it at least consider some emergency preparedness for SHTF it’s a way of living it’s a lot like off grid off the grid Prepping tips to keep you in survival mode and ready for emergencies.

Emergency preparedness is a great mindset these days because we are facing food shortages empty shelves inflation and a lot of SHTF now situations I mean when Omish farms and Amish farming is getting attacked for trying to organic farm and get pure organic food to a neighborhood of people you know that there is great need for concern.

This SHTF tip could concern you even if you are a small owner of a garden maybe you have a small urban garden or even an indoor garden or erase your own cow or have your own chickens it very well could be that soon that could be a legal… .

So what can you do, prep now, get stocked up get a prepper pantry going, get everything you need for survival an emergency preparedness list a prepping list, you need to be ready for self-sufficiency and be able to handle things on your own without electricity without having to go to stores you need to be able to be self-sufficient, prepper, or at least prepped for an SHTF situation for when the crap hits the fan.

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