URBANISTA 7. Carbon footprint offsetting, the right way.


Hei! Welcome to The Urbanista.
The podcast for urban designers and city planners where we discuss about city water management and sustainable urban development.

In this episode we talk with Nicklas Kaskeala, Co-Founder & Chief Impact Officer at Compensate. Compensate combats climate change by offering everyone easy access to the highest quality carbon projects. They provide tools to calculate and offset emissions both for businesses and individuals.

During this inspiring conversation we discussed offsetting carbon footprint topic and tool that helps to calculate emissions.

Connect with Nicklas on LinkedIn:

Compensate – a tool to calculate and offset emissions

Compensate’s insights about greenwashing and the carbon market:


Thank you Urbanistas for listening!

The Urbanista is a production of Uponor Infra Oy, produced and edited in sunny Helsinki by Mariia Andriushenkova.
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