Urban Talks #10 | How are cities adapting to climate change?


Urban Talks #10 Around the world cities are racing to adapt to a changing climate. Tune in to hear how from Gareth Byatt, Independent Risk & Resilience Consultant, on urban resilience, Prof. Bharat Dahiya, Director of the Research Center for Sustainable Development and Innovation at the School of Global Studies, Thammasat University, on strengthening disaster risk governance, Armen Chilingaryan, Programme Manager, and Elen Sahradyan, Public Policy Innovation Lead, at UNDP Armenia on implementing a more sustainable and fair economic model, and Ljubica Teofilovska, Project Manager at UNDP North Macedonia, on better urban future planning.

About Urban Talks: Urban Talks, powered by UNDP Europe and Central Asia, spotlights cities and initiatives that are building new inclusive visions across Europe and Central Asia and wider, and showcases how cities are demonstrating resilience, reinventing their economies, transitioning to inclusive and smart cities, and building new partnerships. It is a space for exchanging insights and learnings and bringing together a growing community of cities, practitioners and thinkers, that are approaching urban challenges in a systematic way.


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