Urban Rebirth: Economic Considerations for Reconstruction in Kharkiv and Ukraine- Ed Glaeser


City Science Summit 2022
Hyper-LOCAL Solutions to GLOBAL Challenges

Ed Glaeser is the Department Chair and Fred and Eleanor Glimp Professor of Economics at Harvard University.

Track 2: Planning for a future Kharkiv and Ukraine: Anticipating the post-war reconstruction and regeneration of cities in Ukraine, Lord Foster, through the Norman Foster Foundation, is leading a team of local and international experts creating the future masterplan for the city of Kharkiv. The request for his intervention came directly from the Mayor of Kharkiv via the United Nations in Geneva where Lord Foster heads out the UN Forum of Mayors. The importance of Master Planning to combat climate change and anticipate the long-term future of cities is championed by the UN and has been the subject of an address by Lord Foster to the General Assembly in New York. Kharkiv, heavily damaged by the war with Russia, creates a compelling opportunity to create a new vision for cities in the future, bringing together the best of the past with powerful new technology and design concepts. In this context, we outline an evidence-based planning and system integration process, with a new Science Neighborhood in Kharkiv as a case study. We will present concepts for a community unconstrained by legacy infrastructure with an emphasis on low-carbon communities, innovation, livability and public health, equity, and the Science Neighborhood framework.

The City Science Summit is an annual gathering of the City Science Network: an international community of institutions and researchers that share the common goal of enabling more livable, equitable, and resilient communities. We propose that the grand transnational challenges of our era are best addressed in cities, one community at a time.

The 2022 City Science Summit is a collaboration between MIT City Science, the City Science Network and the Norman Foster Foundation.

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Editing – Ribs+Seixas


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