Urban Nature Project: construction kicks off in our gardens | Natural History Museum


The Urban Nature Project at The Natural History Museum is under way.
Follow the redevelopment of our gardens over the next year with regular updates on progress.

The Museum’s five-acre site in South Kensington is being transformed into a welcoming, accessible and biologically diverse green space in the heart of London.
The new outdoor galleries will be a place for people to learn about the diversity of life on Earth and how our planet is changing over time. They will also showcase the Museum’s scientific research.

We’re working in partnership across the UK to start a new urban nature movement.
It has never been more important to make our towns and cities healthy and sustainable places to live.
Wildlife is in trouble in the UK. The natural world faces unprecedented declines and needs our help now more than ever. We particularly need to understand and protect nature in our cities, so monitoring its changes is vital.
We’re working to give people across the UK, no matter who they are or where they live, the motivation and tools to safeguard nature in towns and cities, so that people and planet can thrive.

The Natural History Museum in London is home to more than 80 million objects, including meteorites, dinosaur bones and a giant squid. Our channel brings the Museum to you, from what goes on behind the scenes to surprising science and stories from our scientists.

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