Urban Hydration Skincare Routine with Ohemaa and Psyche Terry | Black History Month | JCPenney


Watch as Psyche Terry, founder of Urban Hydration, does her skincare routine with @Ohemaa while discussing being a black-owned beauty brand. Learn more about Urban Hydration here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PRD-u35jRmo&list=PLVt1Omx6MHgVBssMCY4ADVrrM4Lhoj4-L&index=2

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0:00 Get Ready with Psyche Terry & Ohemaa
0:57 Can you tell us more about Urban Hydration?
2:45 What does black beauty mean to you for Black History Month?
4:19 Tell me about the amazing ingredients in your body care products.
5:50 Nourish & Rehydrate Castor & Shea 15-Minute Peel-off Face Mask (https://tstrm.li/3YcLXJk)
9:15 How does Urban Hydration give back to the community?
13:27 Nourish & Rehydrate Castor & Shea Face Wash (https://tstrm.li/3RU7vrR)
15:24 Nourish & Rehydrate Castor & Shea Spot Cream (https://tstrm.li/40AUbg9)
15:48 Nourish & Rehydrate Castor & Shea Daily Lotion (https://tstrm.li/3I9wh41)
16:47 Nourish & Rehydrate Castor & Shea Night Cream (https://tstrm.li/40FpaYg)

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