Urban Heat Island with Dr Umamaheshwaran Rajasekar | Understanding the Future | Podcast


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Dr Umamaheswaran is the Head, Climate Centre for Cities & Chair, Urban Resilience Unit at the National Institute of Urban Affairs. In this episode of ‘Understanding the Future of Urban Heat Islands’, with Dr Umamaheswaran Rajasekar, we explore different components of Urban Heat Islands, its effects and possible solutions for the same.

In this episode, we start with understanding what does urban heat islands mean and its major causes. Further, we get into some of the interesting insights from his PhD in downtown areas and fallow agri-culture lands surrounding the cities. Dr Umamaheswaran further helps us in understanding the different technologies that can be used and the skillsets required for the field to develop. We also explore the strategies to mitigate urban heat islands and how the ClimateSmart Cities Assessment Framework is trying to solve this problem in a step-wise manner for all the cities.

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