Urban Heat Island (UHI) effect heat mitigation reduced with Super Therm® Insulation Coating


There are many reasons for Urban Heat Islands (UHI) in Australia. When houses, shops, and industrial buildings are constructed close together, it can create a UHI. Building materials are usually very good at insulating, or holding in heat. This insulation makes the areas around buildings warmer. Nighttime temperatures in UHIs remain high. This is because buildings, sidewalks, and parking lots block heat coming from the ground from rising into the cold night sky. Because the heat is trapped on lower levels, the temperature is warmer – Source: National Geographic.

Super Therm Solar Heat Block Coating stops 96.1% of the heat load into buildings therefore reducing use of energy to remain cool and reduces CO2 emissions. Less heat means less impact on UHI. This has many long term benefits for our community, environment and our planet. Find out more at: https://neotechcoatings.com/coating-products/super-therm-solar-heat-block-coating/

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The results are only on this project in this location, for this structure and time period, and in these climate conditions, any other location may change the result achieved.


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