Urban Heat Island Reduction at LAUSD Schools and more with Creative Paving Solutions


Project Manager
Jonathan Rahav
Projects Coordinator
Hans Beimler

We are Creative Paving Solutions. We create engaged, outdoor spaces and know that every surface has personality.

We are the largest applicator of decorative asphalt in the country with over 30 million square feet currently on the ground. We have been in business for over 20 years. We do what we say, when we say we are going to do it and always stand by our work.
We have applied Solar Reflective coatings, over the past three years on over 50+ playgrounds with Los Angeles Unified School Districts. We have also been working with the City of Los Angeles on their Cool Streets initiative. This project consists of over 200 neighborhood blocks and over 4 million square feet of solar reflective coatings. This is to combat the Urban Heat Island Effect and global warming. Our coatings reduce the ambient temperature from 10 degrees to 15 degrees while also extending the life of new asphalt by 20% creating long term savings.

Surfaces protected with a solar reflective coating are significantly cooler, delay wear and weathering, and create a safer environment. In hot climates, our coatings create a cooler environment combatting the urban heat island effect. Pavement materials, with their relatively low reflectivity and high thermal capacity, tend to retain radiative energy in daytime and slowly release it back into the atmosphere at night. Paved surfaces, including roads, parking areas, courtyards, and sidewalks, cover a significant percentage of a variety of metropolitan areas. Compared to grassland, average surface temperature of pavements can reach more than 30˚C (54˚F) hotter. High temperatures of pavements can lead to increased energy consumption of nearby buildings, intensive outdoor discomfort, and reduction of pavement life and reliability.

Arizona State University (ASU) researchers conducted studies with different types of pavements and coatings to test the different combinations. Researchers found that solar reflective coatings could reduce surface temperature up to 30%. These findings show that solar reflective coatings can significantly cool down all pavement surface and subsurface temperatures which can help:

Decrease energy consumption
Decrease temperatures in certain outdoor areas
Increase pavement life cycles
Reduce maintenance costs


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