Urban Heat Island: Improving Data for Sustainable Cities


This video is part of “Changes and Choices in the Yahara,” a mini-documentary series showcasing the major research implications from the UW-Madison Water Sustainability and Climate (WSC) project, a five-year research endeavor funded by the National Science Foundation. In this video, a member of the research team explains their research on the urban heat island of Madison, WI and how it can contribute to building more sustainable cities. Learn more about this research here: https://wsc.limnology.wisc.edu/research/urban-heat-island

The WSC project as a whole was focused on how to achieve water sustainability for current and future generations, given ongoing changes in climate, land use, and human demands. The research took place in Wisconsin’s Yahara Watershed, but its implications are applicable to many places in the Upper Midwest. Learn more at https://wsc.limnology.wisc.edu/


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