Urban Greening, Climate Resilience, and Equity Webinar


Thank you Ailene for giving this talk on the connection between urban heat and trees, and for bring apart of GRIT (Greening Research in Tacoma), our community science project!

Video Description:
With last summer’s heat waves burned into our collective memory, attention is turning to the connections between air temperature, urban tree canopy, and human health. Ailene Ettinger from the Nature Conservancy of Washington joins us to talk about the Greening Research in Tacoma project (GRIT), a collaboration of Tacoma Tree Foundation, The Nature Conservancy of Washington, the University of Washington, and the City of Tacoma that focuses on the Tacoma mall neighborhood. Join us to find out how the community can get involved, and what we are hoping to learn through this unique partnership!

Speaker Bio:
Ailene Ettinger is a Quantitative Ecologist for The Nature Conservancy in Washington. Ailene has studied diverse species and systems from old-growth forests in the Pacific Northwest and tropical bee communities in coffee farms to suburban vernal pool amphibians and southern resident killer whales. In her current role, she helps develop the evidence base for The Nature Conservancy’s efforts to protect and restore lands in Washington. Ailene grew up in Maine and moved to Seattle in 2007. She earned a Ph.D. in Biology from the University of Washington, focusing on community ecology, climate change, and urban ecology. Whether at work or at play, she loves being outdoors in Washington’s forests, mountains, and seas! Hiking, skiing, camping, and cooking with her family and friends are some of her favorite ways to spend time.

Check out GRIT: www.tacomatreefoundation.org/grit

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