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From reducing urban heat to increasing access to urban green spaces to protecting clean air & water and more, trees in cities provide countless benefits for local communities. Unfortunately, urban trees are not equally distributed, and many communities need trees now more than ever. One Tree Planted’s Urban Forestry program is working hard to bridge that gap with high-impact urban tree planting projects.

Our Urban Tree Notes series is our way of bringing you along with us as we travel to cities around the world to get our hands in the dirt and plant urban trees. Increasing tree canopy in under-resourced neighborhoods ensures that everyone has equitable access to the critical ecosystem services and recreational opportunities that trees provide.

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Urban Tree Notes: Episode #5 — Urban Forestry with Northeast Trees finds us on the ground at a native plant nursery in Ascot Hills Park located in El Sereno, California. At this nursery, which is run by Northeast Trees, native species are grown. This helps to restore biodiversity, support pollinators, clean the air and water, and more.

Restoring native plants to areas where the land has been developed is vital to ecosystem health because native species are uniquely evolved with the local region and environment. Native wildlife, which includes birds, insects, mammals, reptiles, and more, have co-evolved with these native species and depend on them for survival.

Diverse plantings like this one help to provide the richly layered habitat that wildlife needs, especially in urban areas where habitat is fragmented and quality food sources can be scarce. One Tree Planted, Is proud to work with Evolve and make a difference in urban communities!

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