Urban Forest Discussion Panel January 11, 2023


Astrid Nielsen and Cédric Bertrand, two Ottawa foresters, joined the Friends of Carlington Woods and Friends of Hampton Park for a discussion of urban forestry. Part of our Winter Web Series.

We’d didn’t get to all the questions, but we’ve sent them to our speakers and will post their answers here as they become available!

One question was about reporting invasive species. In Ontario, you can report invasive species to the Invasive Species Hotline at: 1-800-563-7711. In the City of Ottawa, you can also report poison ivy, giant hogweed, or wild parsnip at https://ottawa.ca/en/living-ottawa/environment-conservation-and-climate/wildlife-and-plants/plants/invasive-species/report-wild-parsnip-poison-ivy-or-giant-hogweed


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