Urban Flood | Current Affairs | UPSC preparation | @sriramsiasofficial


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Urban Flood | Current Affairs | UPSC preparation | @sriramsiasofficial

In this video, Explore the hidden dangers of urban floods in this eye-opening video. Learn how excessive rainfall, overwhelmed drainage systems, and urbanization lead to devastating inundation in cities. Discover the impact of climate change on the frequency and severity of these floods. Join us as we delve into the importance of sustainable urban planning and resilient infrastructure to combat this growing threat. Don’t miss this crucial insight into one of the pressing challenges faced by modern cities. Hit the ‘Subscribe’ button to stay informed about more informative content

SRIRAM’s IAS welcomes you to the Civil Service Preliminary and Main Examination Coaching Program 2023-24. It is our 35th year of teaching and training youngsters for the most coveted national competitive examination in the country, successfully. At least 3200+ civil servants recruited by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) have been trained by us at some stage of the examination process. The number doubles when we take State Services and other posts.
Normalcy is here. SRIRAM’s Offline classroom coaching program is designed to engage you productively for over 11 months.

Enroll in SRIRAM’s IAS Flagship UPSC IAS (Pre + Mains) OFFLINE Foundation Batch.
Batch starts From 7th AUGUST 2023 | Enroll now – https://sriramsias.com/enrollnow

A time-tested focused method for clearing Prelims 2023
1. Offline Classes
2. Static and Current Affairs Booklets
3. Workbook-based Test Series
Join our flagship ‘UPSC IAS AUGUST 2023’ to prepare for the prelims 2023 exam.

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EMI Facility available upto 18 months

UPSC Civil Services Examination is the most prestigious exam in the country. It is important to lay a comprehensive and strong General Studies foundation for the exam. Both Prelims and Mains can’t be cleared without a strong foundation. Time is running out and seats are limited for the batch.

UPSC IAS (Mains) OFFLINE Optional Batches

UPSC General Studies and Optional Combo batches

The important course features are –

1. 11 MONTHS of Offline teaching by our faculties.
2. One-to-one mentorship to keep you on track to achieve the target.
3. Handmade and concise Lecture Notes, Handouts on static topics.
4. MCQ-based learning for every lecture to enhance retention.
5. Answer writing program guided by our experienced faculties.
6. Daily Current Affairs Program (CAP) PDF + Videos covering multiple sources.
7. Benchmarking of students through weekly revision tests for students.
8. Prelims Test Series to make you battle ready for the Prelims exam.
9. Personal sessions by senior bureaucrats, selected candidates, and senior aspirants and by Sriram Sir himself.
10. CSAT Lectures to help to adapt to changing patterns of examination.

GS Course Details: https://sriramsias.com/course-details/general-studies-comprehensive-course
CSAT Course Details: https://sriramsias.com/course-details/csat-only-at-sriramsias
Optional Course Details: https://sriramsias.com/course-details/optional-subject-course
Our Results: https://sriramsias.com/result
Download Brochure: https://sriramsias.com/upload/pdf/general-studies-comprehensive-course-CD230710163438.pdf
Enroll Now: https://sriramsias.com/enrollnow

SRIRAM’s IAS is at your service till you are in Civil Service.

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