Urban Farming with Backyard Sprouts


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Who is Backyard Sprouts? Check out this video and learn all about us!

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The Urban Farmer by Curtis Stone

The Lean Farm Guide to Growing Vegetables by Ben Hartman

Carolinas Gardener Handbook by Toby Bost

About this video:
In this video, Backyard sprouts introduces themselves and defines their mission statement and what they are trying to achieve. Get to know Arjay and Alex and join them on their urban farming adventure and be there for their ups, and downs!

About Backyard Sprouts:
We will be sharing our journey for the world to follow, influencing people to join the urban farming movement and to teach them how to grow fresh, local, organic and sustainable produce and show to everyone that it can be done with very little land.

We will also be sharing and doing gear reviews on items and gear we’ve used on this journey and whether we found it helpful or not.


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