Urban farming in Kampala Uganda # self sufficient in vegetables.


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Hello everyone,
In today’s video, I get to show you my beautiful urban garden in Kampala Uganda, East Africa.
For those who are clicking for the first time, I am Sarah Pedun and in this channel we talk about gardening especially urban gardening like container and sack gardening, raised bed gardening. I also get to show you my home region that is Teso region Eastern Uganda where I will show you the culture and lifestyle of my people.
Urban farming is becoming a common practice in Uganda and African at large.
I am happily practicing urban farming and given a time like this when food and commodity prices are high. Urban farming create a big impact.
I plant vegetables and I’m trying to be self sufficient in something for example tomatoes, spring onions, leafy greens to mention but a few.
I make use of my small space by planting many plants in a small area, using containers, sacks, shoes and anything that holds soil.
A part from food security, Urban gardening is great for mental health and one calms down while doing garden work.
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I hope you enjoy this video.
kind regards.


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