Urban Farming Creates Good Jobs Statewide


When you hear the words “urban farming” what comes to mind? Many people think of small gardens that provide healthy food for the local neighborhood. But the reality is that urban farming can actually become a large business that creates good paying jobs that enable struggling families to find financial independence.

StageW has a plan to make it happen. Imagine abandoned lots and broken down buildings being assembled into a patchwork quilt of jobs programs that teach skills in demolition; construction; agriculture; aquaculture; dairy, food processing; food preparation; food service; packaging; distribution; wholesale and retail food sales; and more.

Imagine struggling families gaining life and job skills that are sought after all over the state by businesses, farms, dairies, cheese plants, food & beverage plants and other companies in hometowns throughout Wisconsin – companies that need a pipeline of talented workers to help them grow.

Lives and neighborhoods can be transformed as we collaborate to commercialize urban farming. StageW has a plan that ensures families receive help and support as they transition from government assistance to financial independence.


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