Urban Farming


Automated indoor farms are finding a place in urban and remote areas, especially densely populated neighborhoods with little access to affordable, healthy foods and produce.
Centricore is proud to introduce DPSI’s automated farming systems. These Urban Farms can easily be implemented into new and existing buildings for entrepreneurs, building owners and even tenants who are looking to convert their facility into a quick revenue-generating business.
Many areas of the world lack water, compatible soils or sufficient sunlight to support traditional farming. This Urban Farm can be constructed within almost any region of the world to produce crops year-round.

Fully automated high-density urban farms are the future of food in urban centers. Fully Automated grow hubs are managed by robots throughout the entire cultivation process. These systems are completely sustainable off the grid and powered by clean and energy-efficient natural gas.
Our urban farms require less water, lighting, energy, labor costs and construction time as these solutions are modular, flexible and easy to install.

Farming indoors has many benefits: Quality Control, Guaranteed Security, Increased Production, and also eliminates room for human error.

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