Urban Farmers | Trailer | Rachel Caccese | Rachel Knopf-Shey | Kennon Kay | Teri Ptacek


Trailer of Urban Farmers Movie, directed by Rachel Caccese. The movie features Rachel Knopf-Shey, Kennon Kay, Teri Ptacek, Gudeolio Garcia, Dawn Rizzo.

In this revealing new documentary, Nick and Rachel Caccese take the viewer on a fascinating journey that will correct the widespread misconception that urban areas cannot be used to produce food for their own citizens by telling the hidden agricultural history of New York City, which supported dozens of urban farm facilities well into the twentieth century.

Buy the DVD – http://a.co/bVeAV24
Amazon Prime US – http://a.co/8lhk7h1
Amazon Prime UK – http://amzn.eu/bNA49YH
Vimeo on Demand – https://vimeo.com/ondemand/128645


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