Urban Climate Control , 1970s – Film 49936


Narrated, educational film about the benefits of air conditioning. Filmed in the U.K in the late 1960s or early 1970s

Wide shot of the city of London. A crowded street of pedestrians. Smog. Traffic. All introducing the need for a climate controlled atmosphere. Demolition of old houses. Contemporary high rise block. Dying flowers in a street. Wide shot of a contemporary urban landscape of tower blocks. Interior of an office with architects sitting around a model. Factory interior with workers moving interior building panels around. Introduction to air conditioning and how it relates to climate control. Detailed close-ups of how an air conditioning unit works, heating or cooling water as it runs through the unit. Several shots of a variety of different industrial and domestic units inside and outside. Interior of a Dorothy Perkins clothes shop, looking particularly up at the ceilings to see the climate control technology. Inside of a men’s clothing store with lingering shots on the air vents. Inside a busy restaurant with lingering shots on inconspicuous temperature control vents. People smoking. A clean, climate controlled contemporary office interior with workers at desks. Trafalgar Square in London where the Air Conditioning Advisory Bureau is located. Good shot of exterior of the building followed by air conditioning logo.


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